Evernote for photographers

Evernote for photographers

How I use Evernote

I get the michael taken out of me as my work collegues think I have shares in Evernote. I don’t, I wish I did, it’s just a great productivity tool that this modern age of cloud computing has delivered.

What is Evernote? Simply it’s a cloud based note keeping tool that sync’s across all your devices and allows you to share with other Evernote users. You can clip from the web, add many, many file formats to a note, and even in the premium edition it will allow you to search hand written notes that have been scanned in. This is great after a meeting where I have taken notes in a notebook or on the back of an envelope and one quick picture with my iPhone and the notes are in a well organised place.

Evernote for photographers

If you have been a pro photographer as long as me then you will know the importance of having all your ducks in a row and information to hand when needed. I keep a lot of production material in Evernote, so I can access it from any of my devices and share it with co producers and other members of the team. Everything from the first initial phone call with a client, through all the production and final delivery. So more specifically here are my first few things that I use Evernote for.

My Evernote check lists

I keep various check lists for different types of shoot in Evernote. The two features I love most here are check boxes and the dividing line.

Screenshot 2013-12-03 16.18.58

evenote screen shot, Pete Webb’s check list

I don’t actually use the check boxes all the time, but it’s handy to have them, when you want someone else to sort through your kit. I have a list for regular ediroial shoot days that I drive to in the UK, I have lists for when I travel by plane, I have a list when shooting video, and a specific list for a particular advertising client that always shoots on green screen. I’m often building short temporary check lists too. The handy thing about them being on any device I that I often build these lists on my desktop machine but use them on my iPhone.

Model releases in Evernote

I have a drawer full of paper model releases, they have all been copied and supplied, but I have great reassurance that they are safe and easy to find as I keep a notebook called Model Releases in Evernote. Because you can add tags to notes you can add the models name and other relevant tags to make them easy to find. Easier than a manual system! My Evernote process. When the model signs a release I use Evernote on my iphone to take a picture of the release and add it to the notebook. It’s very quick and once it has synced then they are all available from my desktop or iPad should I need to send it on to a agency or client.

modelRelease Pete Webb

modelRelease Pete Webb


Evernote and serial numbers and invoices

Ok the last one for today. This has to be one of the most useful things I use Evernote for. When I buy a new piece of equipment I add the items invoice and serials to a note within a notebook(camera gear invoices for repair) . There have been so many times in my career when I have needed to send a piece of equipment back to Canon, and the first thing they need is a copy of the invoice. Then I swear a few times as I remember that the invoice in at my accountants and the retrieval of it is a major or expensive inconvenience. Having had the item, serial and invoice available to send has made me praise this app many many times.

invoice in Evernote

invoice in Evernote

Give Evernote a try and use their tutorials, it really had endless possibilities for keeping things organised.



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  1. Nathaniel Rosa 2 years ago

    Very interesting ideas – especially re the invoices!
    Heard about Evernote since it’s conception but have never really given it any time, perhaps I will.
    Thanks very much

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